Catelog of Crosses


The following Irish High Crosses are found in one or more of the sources listed below.  They are listed alphabetically by and within their County.  Regarding each High Cross you will find the name or names related to the cross and in some cases a brief statement of what you will find.

The listing is as complete as possible, taking note of all crosses listed as High Crosses in all the sources below.  The classic criteria for the Irish High Crosses are listed in Peter Harbison’s “The High Crosses of Ireland.”  They are:

  • “Crosses which bear evidence of carving or mouldings, or intricate incised decoration, irrespective of how ‘high’ or ‘low’ they are
  • Decorated cross-bases which survive without their shafts
  • Undecorated crosses, with or without ring, which are -- or are likely to have been originally -- over 1.50m or about 5 feet in height
  • Some smaller undecorated crosses which are merely mentioned ‘en passant’ because they happen to be present on sites which have crosses described in the Catalogue
  • The cross-decorated slab at Fahan Mura, Co. Donegal, which is included not only because of its monumentality, but also because it has frequently featured in discussion about the chronology and development of the crosses.”  (page 2)


Seen:  Viewed and photographed by the authors (Barney McLaughlin and Mady Fraser)


FH Henry, Francoise; Irish High Crosses, Three Candles LTD., Dublin, 1964.





PH Harbison, Peter; The High Crosses of Ireland:  An Iconographical and Photographic Survey, Dr. Rudolf Habelt GMBH, Bonn, 1992.  Volume 1:  Text, Volume 2:  Photographic Survey; Volume 3:  Illustrations of Comparative Iconography.

RS Richardson, Hilary and Scarry, John; An Introduction to Irish High Crosses, Mercier Press, Dublin, 1990.

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